8-week cut

During October-January I spent most of my time training and intentionally trying to gain weight. My body is more of a mesomorph which is great because I can put on and lose weight fairly easily. However, with gaining weight, your mind tends to play tricks on you. It was mentally challenging for me because I kept thinking I was this whale in reality I wasn’t.

Anyway, after a month and a half of just maintenance and trying to figure out what my next plan of action was, I decided to start an 8-week cut. I gained around 9 lbs and now it gives me a chance to lose it and see how much muscle Ive actually put on. I know I have gained a lot of strength in my back which makes me proud!

I have no intentions of competing at the moment, in either powerlifting or bodybuilding. Right now I just want to figure out what balance is for me and focus on my mental health as well.

I just wanted to say, “hi you”

This blog I will be reflecting on myself. Too long have I been putting others wants ahead of mine and too long have I been putting off getting to know myself. Whether it’s because I never thought it was necessary or if it was something deeper, I guess I will find out.

I know it sounds silly. But being kept busy for as long as I remember–whether it was athletics, school, or work–I never got the time to just sit and reflect on me. To talk to myself. To figure out who Eman is and what she is trying to become.

So this is an official introduction.

Hi, nice to meet you. I look forward to getting to everything about you.