8-week cut

During October-January I spent most of my time training and intentionally trying to gain weight. My body is more of a mesomorph which is great because I can put on and lose weight fairly easily. However, with gaining weight, your mind tends to play tricks on you. It was mentally challenging for me because I kept thinking I was this whale in reality I wasn’t.

Anyway, after a month and a half of just maintenance and trying to figure out what my next plan of action was, I decided to start an 8-week cut. I gained around 9 lbs and now it gives me a chance to lose it and see how much muscle Ive actually put on. I know I have gained a lot of strength in my back which makes me proud!

I have no intentions of competing at the moment, in either powerlifting or bodybuilding. Right now I just want to figure out what balance is for me and focus on my mental health as well.


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